Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tata Group
Tanishq has launched the Jodha Akbar Series.
Maharaja is the mascot of Air India, founded by J.R.D Tata
Girish Wagh is the man behind much talked about Tata Nano.
8 O’ Clock Coffee has been acquired by Tata Group in 2006.

Walt Disney
Baby Einstein is a line of multimedia and toys from Walt Disney, which puts Einstein in the top 5 of most earning dead celebrities, according to Forbes.
Roadside Romeo is the first animated Indian movie by Disney.
Steve Jobs is the largest individual shareholder and a member of its Board of Directors.
Art Attack was originally one of iTV's longest running programmes, running from 1989 until 1997. In 1998, The series began airing on the Disney Channel
eBay was founded to help Omidyar's fiancée trade PEZ Candy dispensers.
Skype was acquired by eBay in September 2005.
Through Mission Fish, eBay users are able to donate to registered nonprofit organisations when they buy and sell through
Pierre Omidyar is the founder of eBay.
Ebay Song is a parody of this Backstreet Boys’ Song.

Future Group
The Movie Na Tum Janoo Na Hum is from PFH Entertainment.
UK-based Lee Cooper is a joint venture partner of Pantaloon Group.
Dhoni is the Brand Ambassador of Big Bazaar.
Cadburys products were boycotted by Future Group but later the boycott was called off.  

Monday, January 26, 2009


Connect the pixs below:

Another Clue: Song Jashn Bahara

2) Connect : Song: Romeo Romeo (From Roadside Romeo)

3)Song : U r my fire - my one desire

4) Song : Dil leke Jaan Leke

Answers to BQ Prelims:

  1. Cunard
  2.  Lalbhai Group
  3. Philip Kotler
  4. Ad-valorem
  5. Zune
  6. It was printed on white paper to celebrate 100 years “in the pink”.
  9.  Mastercard logo
  10.  Rolls Royce
  11.  Byte an apple 
  12. Centurion bank
  13. Nokia
  14. British Petroleum
  15. Binaca
  16. Financial services security
  17. Larry Ewing
  18. Vietnam
  19. Bunge
  20. Japan
  21. Swap or currency swap
  22.  Tarini vaidya of kbc bank India and South Asia
  23. Saffron  
  24. Google
  25. Aditya Birla group

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prelims BQ (Part 2)

  1. The Carpathia, the ship that took most of the survivors of the Titanic, belonged to which shipping line? 
  2. Arvind mills, one of the foremost producers of denim & jeans- the world is the flagship company of which group?
  3. Which marketting expert said that, "Marketting takes a day to learn, but unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master" ?
  4. Which latin term is used to refer to duties that are levied oncommodities/products as a certain percentage of their price, these are different from specific excise duties that are levied on products?
  5. If Apple=iPod, then Microsoft=?
  6. The Financial Times turned 100 years old on 4th Jan 1993. How did it celebrate this occasion?
  7. This company was founded in 1979 by a Delhi based entrepreneur who named his company after his neighbour's dog. He started out by selling song books, posters and leather patches, before hitting big with another product. Which company?
  8. Which leading Indian brand was founded by three young entrepreneurs, Clyde Cooper, Tushar Jani and Khushroo Dubash.?
  9. Where do you find 2 interlocking circles with 23 horizontal bars and italic, sans- serif  type face font
  10. Osho Rajneesh holds the Gusiness world record for owning the most number of a single brand of a luxurious car . Name that brand.
  11. Which was the first tagline of Apple
  12. Which bank is promoted by 20th Century Finance Corporation and Keppel Tatlee Bank of Singapore in India?
  13. Identify the company started by Finnish engineer Frederick  Idestam as a wood pulp mill and paper manufactured company and then changed itself to a telecom major
  14. In the European Union, which British company was granted the exclusive right to use green on signs for petrol stations?
  15. This was one of the iconic brand, they were first to offer plastic toy animal as a collectible item for kids. Later due to an overseas takeover its name was changed. Name the brand with its old name.
  16. Name the stock market regulator in United Kingdom
  17. Name the person who first drew the Linux penguin.
  18. Which is the only country having paper currency and have no coins and it introduced cheque only in 1997?
  19. Which company owns the edible oil brand dalda
  20. Name the country that recently launched a new high speed internet satellite named Kizma designed to provide super high speed data transmission in South east Asia
  21. What is the exchange rate of one currency for another over a fixed period of time called?
  22. Name the first Indian woman CEO of a foreign bank.
  23. Which is the world’s most expensive spice by weight.    
  24. Which website would you reach if  you  key in the url: 
  25. Which Indian business group runs an institute of management named Gyanodaya Learning Centre?

Answers to BQ Prelims

The response to the first part of the prelims wasn't good. The hits to the blog was good- with more than 100 hits, I hoped for a better response. The answers are posted below. Hoping for a better response in the second half.........

1.       Tetra pak

2.       Tata Steel

3.       Motorola

4.       Passat

5.       Puma

6.       Café coffee day

7.       Viacom

8.       Barclays global investors

9.       Mates condoms

10.  Henry ford

11.  The Wadia Group

12.  Colombia Pictures

13.  Walmart

14.  Gillette

15.  Bharat Forge

16.  ITC

17.  Wipro

18.  Eicher

19.  Bombay Stock Exchange

20.  Glaxo Smith Kline

21.  Amrtya sen

22.  Bosch

23.  Mindtree Consulting

24.  Frequent flyer programme

25.  Nike


Friday, December 26, 2008

It's been six long months since I have even signed into my blog... and ryt now getting back to this time pass of mine has been motivated by an unknown visitor. :) I juz came to know thru a friend of mine dat there are people who do follow dis blog and so I have decided to restart it.... Thnx Balaji of Anna University for mentioning this blog :)

Our department had a small quiz conducted by the students themselves two months back. I am posting 25 questions which was part of the prelims. Answers are requested to be sent to yahoo mail  or to the general feedback was it was a bit tough,... Hope to get a good response :)

Answers to be posted in a week....

1)     * Ruben Rausing invented the ‘ tetrahedron – shaped,cardboard carton for holding liqiuds in the year 1952. Identify the famous company run by Rausing family?

2)     Which indian company introduced the eight hour work day even before the system was made mandatory in most western countries?

3)     Which company has banned the term cell phone and instead uses the term ‘personal network device’?

4)     Europes largest car manufacturer VolksWagen and the maker of Beetle launched its locally assembled car in India. What is it called?

5)     Which sports good company make cricket bats by the brand name s Ballistic, Stealth, Velocity and Atomic?

6)     Which company entered into the hospitality sector with its luxury resorts and SPA’ The Serai?

 7)     Over the past decade, M TV has become one of the more, if not the most, popular music channels in India Who owns this channel. The company in question also owns Nickledeon, the childrens channel?

8)     * Who is the world’s largest provider of exchange traded funds in the world?

9)     Richard Branson usually associated the word Virgin with almost all of his business ventures. However the only exception was when he launched his condoms brand, he came up with this other name. Now what is the name of this brand? 

10) He called his wife ‘The believer’ because she encouraged him at a time when everyone else called him crazy…who is he?

 11)  Which group’s history tracks back to a family of shipbuilders in Surat in the  mid 1700’s

12)  Which Hollywood studio did Coca-Cola acquire in the early 1980’s?

13)  *Known as ASDA in UK, Seiyu in Japan

14)  The founder of which brand , now a part of P & G,once said “ I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind”?

 15)  * Hyssenkrup is the world’s largest manufacturer of autoparts. Which Indian company is the second largest? 

16)  Which Indian company has in-house magazine ‘namaste’?

17)  If you were to buy WIT on the New York Stock Exchange, which Indian company’s equity would you be investing in?

 18)  Which is the first company to manufacture tractor in India?

19)  What was formed under the banyan tree at Hormiman circle?

20)  Which company entered India by the name Hindustan Milk Food Company?

21)   Name the famous personality who founded Pratichi Trust with the use of his  Nobel Prize money.

 22)  Which is the parent company of the distributor of Blaupunkt in India?

       23)  The colours define the corporate. In this logo blue denotes imagination, red for action, yellow for joy nd it was designed by Chetan, a child from Spastic Society of India. Name it.

 24)  What does the abbreviation FFP stand for as in airlines jargon?

 25)  What was known as the Blue Ribbon Sports company earlier?


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stimulus 08...... " Race of master minds"

Here are the prelims and the finals of Stimulus 2008, a manmeet conducted by Calicut University. The answers will be posted soonnnnnnn..

  1. The first president of World Bank?
  2. Official ad agency of India?
  3. Ad agency of the Sumo Grande?
  4. New MUV of Chevrolet?
  5. Dettol is a product of ____________
  6. Glucon D is a product of __________
  7. What is "Tankan"
  8. The first client of Reliance' Video Conferencing?
  9. A question abt (cudnt write down and try to guess the answer too...... so missed the real question)
  10. A mineral water acquired by Ramesh Chauhan in 19--(cant remember the year) .
  11. Red Cafe a club can be associated with which football league?\
  12. Quandt Family ---connect with an automobile company
  13. Some question abt a company which started as a spinoff of SKF
  14. Manufacturer of Onida.......
  15. Whose tagline is Race of masterminds???????

cant remember the other 5 questions. The remaining 5 were personality and another 5 logos.

the logos were SKF, Renault, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and----------


There were 7 rounds in all......

1st Round

  1. Who was called as the Tiger Woods of Mgmt By Warren Buffet
  2. Expand VAIO
  3. The brand of Nestle initially produced in New York , by another company
  4. The man who left Edison Automobiles _____
  5. How do we know Bob Noyce and Gordon Noore
  6. The firm first Japanese company to be listed on NYSE
  7. "land of Thunder Dragon"
  8. The concept put fwd by Robert Kaplan and David Norton
  9. The model on which Ambassador was based?
  10. The brand of transponder used by Armstrong

Round 2

Personality Quite easy ....

  • Nareh Goyal
  • C.B Bhave
  • C.K Prahlad
  • Kishore Biyani
  • O.P Bhatt


  • Cognizant Technologies
  • Central Bank
  • Puma
  • Reuters
  • Boeing
  • Bank of India
  • Amd
  • Qantas
  • SAIL
  • Rolls Royce

Taglines and Abbrevations

  • ESSAR -
  • Park Avenue
  • Pand G
  • Air France
  • Mothilal Oswilal
  • Business Standard
  • Bank of Allahabad
  • Canon
  • Rolls Royce( drivers Wanted)
  • AOL
  • ILO
  • WPI

Round 4

Identify :

  1. The worlds fastest car ( sry cant remember the name)
  2. Burj Al Arab
  3. Parand
  4. Blackberry
  5. Freekonomics (a hard one...... they showd the buk cover)

the last two round were links and rapid fire........

Thats it for now .......... tc